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About Sage Dragon

Sage Dragon creates engaging gaming experiences for mobile devices.  Our goal is to build products that stimulate the imagination while providing hours of challenging entertainment.  We value feedback from our customers and strive to continuously improve our products to maximize their satisfaction.

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SpellBroken 1.1 Beta Testers Needed

If you are interested in Beta Testing the upcoming SpellBroken 1.1 release, please submit a Contact Request with your name, e-mail address, contact reason of “Other”, and the string “BETA” as the message.

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Printable SpellBroken Tutorial Available for User Download

To make it easier to follow the SpellBroken tutorial, we have created a PDF of the tutorial content. You can view or print the document to follow along with the tutorial instead of switching back-and-forth between the tutorial and the game screens. If you are reading this in a summary view, open this note then [...]

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SpellBroken 1.0.0 for iOS now available in the App Store

SpellBroken for iOS 5.0 or later is now available for purchase in the App Store. Please visit the Support Page for additional information and resources to use with this release.

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